Loki – Norse Mythology

Norse God of Mischief

I am Loki, the god of mischief and mayhem from the darkest corners of Norse mythology. My cunning is legendary, and with it I have woven countless deceptions, causing discord among gods and mortals alike. Although my ingenuity has allowed me to get out of complicated situations, my selfish and treacherous nature has darkened my reputation, leading me to be despised by all the gods.

My exploits are many: from stealing the precious fire of the gods to conspiring with giants to seize the apples of Idun. But not everything about me is treachery; on occasion, my loyalty has shone through, as when I assisted Thor in retrieving his hammer. However, my deceptions eventually came at a price. I was condemned and chained in a lonely cave, where I await the inevitable end of the world, the coming of Ragnarok. I recommend you watch me shave the head of Sif, Thor’s beautiful wife.

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