Who Defeated Medusa?

The Hero Perseus

With her gaze capable of turning to stone anyone who dared to confront her, Medusa was not only a feared creature, but a mystery of an ancient tragedy. Her story, once marked by beauty and devotion, had been twisted by the wrath of Athena, transforming her into a being with serpentine hair and a deadly gaze.

Perseus, son of Zeus and the mortal Danae, was given the mission to bring Medusa’s head as proof of his courage. Armed with Hades’ helmet that made him invisible, winged sandals to fly through the skies, and a shield polished to a mirror-like shine, Perseus decided to hunt her down. Thanks to the reflection of his shield, the hero sneaked up on Medusa while she slept, and with a swift swing of his sword decapitated the Gorgon, ending her life.

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