The Witch of Petaquire

Legend of La Guaira

There is a Venezuelan legend of a woman who was known for her witchcraft and occult abilities in the town of Petaquire. This witch was able to transform herself into different animals, especially a large bird of the night, and was said to fly over the houses of those who challenged or contradicted her. She used her powers to both help and punish the villagers, depending on their actions.

The Witch of Petaquire could cure illnesses with her concoctions and rituals, but she could also provoke unfortunate events that happened in the village, such as mysterious disappearances or very violent deaths. To this day, when something bad happens in Petaquire, the local elders look at each other and whisper: “The Witch of Petaquire still roams among us”. I recommend The Cursed Wagon.

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