Nicolas Flamel

The Study of Alchemy

In 1418, a man from Paris became synonymous with alchemy and the eternal quest for occult wisdom. Nicolas Flamel’s life took an extraordinary turn after a dream he had:

An angel presented him with a singular book, an unknown volume of ancient wisdom.

Obsessed with this dream, Flamel dedicated his life to searching for this mysterious book. Fate smiled on him when he found the dream book of the legendary alchemist «Abraham the Jew». It is said that, after years of study, Flamel achieved the impossible: the creation of the philosopher’s stone, capable of turning base metals into pure gold and granting eternal life.

Legend has it that Flamel and his wife Perenelle achieved immortality and that, in some secret place in the world, they are still living together. I recommend the story of the Count of Saint Germain.

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