Valkyrie Brunhild

The Myth of Brunhild

My name is Brunhild, and from the moment my eyes met those of mortals on the battlefield, I knew that something inside me had changed. But my compassion cost me dearly. Odin, the father of all, punished me for disobeying his orders, locking me in a deep sleep on a mountain sheltered by a wall of infernal flames. The wait in silence and solitude seemed eternal.

The wait ended the day Sigurd, brave and determined, pierced the flames with his magic sword Gram and broke the spell with a kiss that brought my body and soul back to life. The feeling that blossomed between us was as intense as the flames that had separated us. With Sigurd by my side, I shared my wisdom and love, we faced challenges together that seemed insurmountable and although fate had a tumultuous route in store for us, every moment together on that adventure was worth it. I am a lucky valkyrie.

Short Myths



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