Loki y Sif

Loki’s Mischief

Loki decides to shave the head of Sif, the beautiful wife of Thor, as part of a cruel prank. This enrages Thor, who vows revenge on Loki. Loki seeks the help of two skilled dwarfs to rectify his problem, Sindri and Brok, to create astonishing treasures. Despite Loki’s attempts to sabotage them, the dwarfs create three marvelous treasures: Sif’s golden hair, an infallible spear, and a foldable ship. The gods are amazed, and Sindri and Brok win the bet.

However, the dwarfs demand Loki’s head, and although he tries to escape, Loki is caught by Thor and brought back to the dwarfs. Before Loki can make any excuses, the dwarfs sew his lips as punishment. While the gods watch without intervening, Loki somehow ends up tricking the dwarfs into not cutting off his head.

Short Myths



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