Calypso Myth

Do you know the Myth of Calypso?

My name is Calypso, the nymph who reigns on the lonely island of Ogygia. My heart was destined for solitude, until fate, after the Trojan War, brought Odysseus to my shores. I rescued him from the icy embrace of the sea, nurtured him and fell deeply in love with him. Together we had two sons, Nausitoo and Nausinoo, and I offered him immortality, an eternal life by my side. However, Odysseus wept longingly for his homeland and his family on the quiet shores of Ogygia.

One day, I saw him weeping and heartbroken, and gave him permission to leave if he wished. He built a raft and set sail for the horizon, leaving me in hope of his return. But Odysseus never returned, and the waiting became a silent torment that consumed my soul. Finally, sadness and loneliness led me to choose to rest in the embrace of death, leaving behind the eternity of love that the horizon once promised.

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