Princess of the Guatavita Lagoon

The Myth of the Guatavita Lagoon

In the heart of Colombia, there is the legend of the Princess of Guatavita, a woman as beautiful as the sunrise in the mountains. Married to the cacique of her tribe, she lived a lonely fate, as her husband, always left her alone for his government affairs and orgies. However, her life took a dramatic turn the day her eyes fell on an arrogant warrior. The princess, trapped in the nets of a forbidden love, devised a reckless plan: every night, she would intoxicate her husband to secretly meet her lover. But the secrets were short-lived, and soon an old woman of the tribe, a witness to their meetings, revealed the truth to the chieftain.

Consumed by a desire for revenge, the chieftain hatched a diabolical plan. In honor of his wife, he organized a great feast, where he presented her with a dish adorned with a heart, telling her that it was from a deer. However, the truth was much more macabre:

The heart belonged to the princess’s warrior lover.

Upon discovering the horrifying truth, the princess, driven by grief and despair, took her daughter, the fruit of her marriage, and headed for the mystical lagoon of Guatavita. There, in an act of deep grief, she plunged into its waters with her daughter, disappearing forever. The cacique, broken by loss and guilt, lost the two women he loved most, condemned to a fate of loneliness and remorse. If you like Colombian legends, I recommend Mothermount.

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