Cipactli: Aztec Primordial Goddess

Do you know Cipactli?

My name is Cipactli and I am a primordial sea monster, a creature that combines features of crocodile, fish and frog, and I inhabit the primordial waters that cover the world before creation. Every day, I feed by devouring everything that crosses my path, and my insatiable maw represents the chaos and voracity of the primordial universe.

One day, the gods Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl decided to create the earth and to do so, they knew they had to face me. Tezcatlipoca, cunning and brave, lured me to him using his foot as bait, and although I managed to pull it away, the two gods took advantage of that moment to divide me in half. From my upper part, they formed the earth, and from the lower part, the sky. Although my fate was to be dismembered, my sacrifice was essential for the creation of the world.

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