The Huluppu Tree

Inanna and the Huluppu Tree

In Sumerian mythology, the goddess Inanna took the Huluppu tree uprooted by the current of the Euphrates River. She took it to her garden and wanted to make a throne out of it, however, that tree brought three guests. A snake that could not be bewitched, the bird Anzu that stood at the top of the tree and Lilitu, an evil spirit. Inanna wept, but despite her tears the creatures would not leave her tree.

She asked her brother Utu, god of the sun, for help, but he refuses. However, Inanna does not give up and asks the great king Gilgamesh for help, and he agrees to help her. The hero entered Inanna’s sacred garden, struck the serpent, drove out the bird Anzu and defeated the evil spirit Lilitu. And so, from the trunk of the tree Gilgamesh carved a bed and a throne for the goddess Inanna.

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