Apophis: The Great Serpent of Chaos

Who was Apophis?

I am Apophis, the Great Serpent of Chaos, incarnation of destruction and darkness. My desire is to bring eternal night to the world, a design that compels me to confront the sun god Ra every sunset. I sail the dark sea of chaos, determined to trap Ra and extinguish his light, which would plunge the world into a dawnless existence, an era of perpetual darkness and disorder.

However, my onslaught never finds Ra unprotected. He is always accompanied by Seth and other gods, who unite to repel my onslaught, night after night. Though they manage to defeat me, I am reborn from the shadows each day as Ra crosses the heavens, revealing my immortal nature. It is an eternal battle between light and darkness, between order and chaos, a struggle that will continue as long as I remain here.

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