The Music of Quetzalcoatl

Music Distributed in the World

At one time, I got tired of being Quetzalcoatl and became Ehecatl, which means «Wind». I flew all over the world, making the treetops dance and creating storms on the sea. My brother Tezcatlipoca and I realized that humans lacked music. We decided that I should climb to the heavens and take the music of Tonatiuh, the Sun god, to bring it to earth. With the help of Tezcatlipoca’s maidservants, Crocodile Woman, Fish Woman and Reed and Snail Woman, they built a bridge to the house of the Sun.

When I arrived, I heard the melody of flutes, drums and songs, but Tonatiuh tried to hide the musicians from me. My persistence and the beauty of my singing convinced them. I wrapped the musicians in my feather cloak and flew back to Earth. Upon arrival, I released the musicians, they traveled from village to village sharing the gift of music, and thus, music spread throughout the world, fulfilling my desire to fill the lives of humans with the joy of melody and rhythm.

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