Oyá – Yoruba Mythology

Goddess of the Wind and the Underworld

From the ancestral lands of the Yoruba region, I am Oyá, the goddess of winds, storms, lightning and the majestic Niger River. My presence evokes strength and bravery, and I am often visualized with a machete in hand, ready for battle. My warrior spirit is not only manifested in combat, but also in my ability to transform into a mighty buffalo, a symbol of my strength and determination.

I am the wind of change, the essence of transformation and renewal. Although my gusts may bring challenges and destruction, they always seek the necessary balance and evolution. As the wife of Shango, the god of thunder, our union is a dance of natural forces. In addition, I guard the gateway to the underworld, connecting with spirits and ancestors, and being revered for my power and the promise of change I bring to the lives of those who honor me.

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