Urimare: Venezuela’s First Chieftainess

Princess Urimare

Urimare was a very beautiful warrior woman. She belonged to the Mariches tribe, daughter of the ¬ęCacique Aramaipuro¬Ľ, she was the only woman skilled with bow and arrows in her tribe. Her people fought against the Spaniards, where they unfortunately killed Urimare’s father. She took his place and did not hesitate to fight, however, in one of the battles she was captured by the English pirate Sir Walter.

Urimare managed to escape, but ended up being captured by the Spanish. They spared her life because of her beauty and gave her to the ¬ęCapuchin monks¬Ľ to indoctrinate her to Catholicism. However, she ended up fleeing and joined the ¬ęCacique Chaima¬Ľ, killing any invader who set foot on her land. Legend has it that when she was tired and defeated, she entered the Gu√°charo cave, where she swore to her ancestor spirits to protect her land, warning her warriors that she had become a Gu√°charo.

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