The Myth of Medusa

Medusa and Poseidon

I am Medusa and from my youth, I was known for my dazzling beauty, a beauty that unwittingly attracted the attention of Poseidon, the mighty god of the sea. Despite his advances, I refused to yield to him, especially in the sacred temple of Athena. My refusal unleashed the wrath of the goddess, who, instead of punishing Poseidon, transformed my beautiful hair into twisted snakes and condemned me with a look that petrified anyone who dared to look at me.

Exiled to a cave on the island of Sarpedon, my existence became a constant struggle against hunters who craved my head and their power. However, it was Perseus, armed with divine gifts, who finally defeated me. Using a mirror to avoid my petrifying gaze and a magic sword, he took my life. My head, symbol of my curse and power, was given to Athena, who displayed it on her shield as a trophy of her dominion.

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