The Sayona

Punishment for Infidels

I am ¬ęThe Sayona¬Ľ, condemned to wander eternally through the dark corners of Venezuela. My life, once full of love and hope, vanished the day I discovered the deepest betrayal: my husband in the arms of my own mother. In a fit of rage and despair, I unleashed my fury on them, and with her last words, my mother cursed me, condemning me to a fate of revenge and loneliness.

Now, wrapped in a white dress that billows in the night wind, I seek out those men who have betrayed their beloveds. I lure the unfaithful with the promise of my beauty, but when they approach, I reveal the true essence of my torment: a face disfigured by pain and anger. Every scream of terror, every plea of my victims, is an echo of the betrayal that once broke my heart. In the darkness, I am a constant reminder of the consequences of deceit and betrayal.

Short Myths



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