The Amalivaca Myth

Tamanaco Indigenous Myth of Venezuela

I am Amalivaca, the creator god of Venezuela who, tired of the noise and conflict of humans, unleashed the great flood on the earth. My wrath swept away almost everything, but in the midst of the devastation, a human couple managed to survive, clinging to a moriche palm tree. At the end of the deluge, I descended in a canoe with my brother Vochi and we met these two solitary beings. Although they had been part of those who had challenged me, their plea touched my heart, and I decided to grant them a second chance in exchange for some conditions.

I instructed them to use the seeds from the fruit of the moriche palm to repopulate the land. From each seed would come a man or woman, and I trusted that this new generation of humans would be more respectful of the gods and nature. And although my mercy prevailed at that time, I always leave a reminder of my power: when the waters of the Orinoco River rise, it is my warning to humans that they must maintain their respect and harmony, or face my wrath again.

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