Nott’s Poem

Nótt: Goddess of the Night

In the eternal canvas of the starry night,
Nótt, the goddess of dark and silence bright,
Gracefully holds her scepter of endless rest,
Tender mother of dreams, in her gentle breast,
Wraps us in her velvet mantle tight,
Like a soft embrace in the tranquil night.

Hrímfaxi, her nightly steed, treads in quiet,
Leaving behind dew pearls, a gleaming diet,
They dance with the dawn and promises light.

The secrets of life and mystery in sight,
Nótt keeps them under her stellar veil,
Weaving tales in the firmament without fail,
Each night, our tender mother takes her flight,
Yielding to our dreams, in the soft moonlight, without spite.

Nott’s Poem

Short Myths



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