Adam and Lilith

Alphabet of Ben Sirach

After creating Adam, who was alone, God said:

«It is not good for man to be alone.»

And he created a woman for Adam, also from the earth, and called her Lilith. At once Adam and Lilith began to quarrel. She said to him:

«I will not lie down underneath.»

And he said:

«I will not lie under you, but above, for you must lie under and I above.»

She said to him:

«We are equal, for we were both created from the earth.»

Adam complained to God about what was happening and sent three angels in search of Lilith. The angels threatened her that they would drown her if she did not return to her husband, however, she did not give in to the angels. Lilith has power over the birth of males for eight days and over females for twenty days. However, if the newborn has an amulet with the names of the angels, she will not be able to do anything, all this you can read in the «Alphabet of Ben Sirach«.

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