What is an Anunnaki?

Children of Anu

The Anunnaki are a fundamental part of Sumerian mythology. According to their texts, they were lesser divinities, distinct from the main gods of the Mesopotamian pantheon such as Enlil, Enki, or Inanna. In the “Atraḫasîs Epic”, we can see how the Anunnaki are a class of lesser gods who carried out all the work in the world. However, exhausted by the magnitude of their tasks, Enki and the goddess Mammi create humans to perform their work.

In other Sumerian myths, the Anunnaki play different roles. In the “Descent of Inanna”, they are described as the “Anunna”, the seven terrible infernal judges. Despite their presence in Sumerian mythology, the true nature of the Anunnaki remains a mystery. Some conspiracy theories, popularized by authors like Zecharia Sitchin or Erich von Däniken, suggest that the Anunnaki were extraterrestrial beings; however, these theories are mostly rejected by Assyriologists, showing that they are merely “Mystical Hogwash”.

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