Ninisina and the Gods

Ninisina Goddess

Ninisina is described as an entity of celestial power according to the myth of «Ninisina and the Gods», she is the beloved daughter of the god An, known as Anu to the Akkadians. The goddess is endowed with extraordinary abilities. Her influence extends beyond her divine connection, coming to have a direct impact on the lives of mortals. In the city of Isin, she shows how her presence affects the city and its inhabitants.

She is a goddess of healing in Mesopotamia. As her story progresses, we are introduced to Ninisina in various roles: as mother, protector, source of blessings and, in a surprising twist, her transformation into Nungal, a dragon who sweeps away any foreign invader. This duality reflects the complexity of the relationship between gods and humans in Sumerian mythology.

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