Typhonomachy: Zeus vs Typhon

Typhon, The Last Son of Gaia

Typhon emerged as the last descendant of the Titaness Gaia, avenging the defeat of the Titans in the Titanomachy. This monster carried a pair of wings between which coiled snakes, and from his mouth came hurricanes of fire. Seeing Typhon take to the skies, all the gods fled to Egypt, although only Zeus and Athena remained there.

In their first fight, Typhon defeated Zeus in a fierce struggle, stripping him of the sinews of his hands and feet. However, Hermes and Egyptian managed to recover the tendons and reattached them to Zeus. Meanwhile, the Moirae succeeded in deceiving Typhon by offering him ephemeral fruits. It was then that Zeus attacked Typhon with a flare of fire, thus defeating the terrifying creature.

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