Eros and Psique

The Love of Eros and Psyche

From the very moment my eyes fell upon Psyche, her beauty captured me completely, defying the command my mother Aphrodite gave me that I had to fall in love with the most hideous creature. I could not resist; I took her to an enchanted palace, where I lovingly cared for her. During the day, I kept my identity a secret for fear of my mother’s wrath and of losing Psyche if she discovered who I really was. However, the fateful day came.

With a mixture of fear and hope, Psyche approached me as I slept, a lamp in her hand revealing my divine nature. Despite the separation and the challenges imposed by my mother, the love we felt for each other only grew stronger with each trial overcome. The gods, moved by our unwavering love, permitted our eternal union, and Psyche was blessed with immortality.

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