Helen of Troy

Helen of Sparta

Helen of Troy, «the most beautiful woman in the world,» was the daughter of Zeus and Leda, and was married to King Menelaus of Sparta. Her life took a dramatic turn when Prince Paris of Troy kidnapped her or, according to some versions, she fell in love with him and accompanied her to Troy. This act caused Menelaus, furious and humiliated, to form an alliance with other Greek kings, including his brother Agamemnon, to declare war on Troy and get Helen back.

Helen’s hair is long and golden, often adorned with jewels or flowers. Her beauty was such that she could make any man fall in love with her. Her bearing and demeanor reflect her noble status, and she is often described as a dignified and majestic figure. When the Greeks won the war thanks to the «Trojan Horse», Helen returned to Sparta together with Menelaus, resuming their life together.

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