The Magical Lullaby of Ancient Egypt

The Power of Heka

Ever since my little boy was born, the nights in our Egyptian abode were filled with whispers and shadows creeping along the walls. Every night, as the sun went down and darkness enveloped our home, I felt a haunting presence, as if something or someone was watching my son from the shadows. I remembered then the «The Magical Lullaby,» an ancient spell that mothers of my lineage had chanted for generations to protect their children from ghosts and evil spirits.

With my heart pounding, I approached my son’s crib and began to sing the song with all the faith and hope I had in my being. I could feel the spirits receding, moving away from the powerful energy of the song. That night, I felt a deep connection to the mothers of my past, knowing that, like them, I had used the ancestral power of «Heka» to protect my son.

Short Myths



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