Nymphs – Greek Mythology

What is a Nymph?

I am a nymph, an ancient nature deity in the vast pantheon of Greek mythology. My essence is linked to the rivers, forests, mountains and other wild corners of this world. Depending on my domain, I am called by different names: Nereid if I care for the seas, Dryad if I protect the forests, Oceanid if I am guardian of rivers and springs. My existence is intertwined with nature, and my duty is to preserve and protect the domain entrusted to me.

Although my appearance is that of a young woman of classical beauty, reflecting the idealized perfection of our age, I am not always serenity personified. There are nymphs such as the Cocitias and the Lampades, who inhabit the underworld and can be fearsome and vengeful. Of all the nymphs we are there is one that stands out from the rest, Calypso, her story is one of the most emblematic narratives that reflects our influence and power in the mortal world.

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