Morrigan: Goddess of Death

Who is the goddess Morrigan?

In Celtic mythology, Morrigan is the goddess of Death and Destruction. Her name means ¬ęGreat Queen¬Ľ or ¬ęSpectral Queen¬Ľ. She stalked the battlefields, inspiring courage and fury in the warriors who worshipped her. She scavenged among the corpses of the defeated in the form of a raven or a rook.

This goddess of death forms a trio together with Badbh and the Morrigan. The three divinities together are called the ¬ęMorrigna¬Ľ. The myth tells that, when a warrior was about to meet his death, the Morrigan appeared in the middle of the current of a river transformed into a beautiful maiden, so that the mortal was ready for the journey to ¬ęThe Other World¬Ľ.

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