Me Tablets

Sumerian Knowledge

The Tablets of Destinies, also known as «Me Tablets», are a mysterious set of tablets containing divine wisdom and knowledge. These tablets were created by the god An (Anu) and passed through the hands of several gods, including Enlil and finally Enki, who kept and modified them in the abzu. These tablets were so powerful that they could not fall into the wrong hands.

In fact, gods like Ninurta and Inanna tried to snatch them from Enki. The tablets were responsible for imparting wisdom to the early human being. Enki sent the seven Sumerian sages to teach mankind the civilization we know today. These tablets contained valuable information that answered enigmatic questions about the evolution and growth of human civilization. The tablets included laws and knowledge such as architecture, writing, law, agriculture, medicine, crafts, demography, clairvoyance and magic.

In addition to this knowledge, the tablets also contained intriguing curiosities, such as a law that talks about «the destruction of cities» and another about «the flood». There is speculation as to whether these tablets could have given someone the power to destroy cities or even create a deluge.

Other concepts such as «hero quality», «power», and «divinity» are also mentioned, suggesting that a hero could potentially become stronger or even attain divine status. The tablets of the fates are a fascinating source of knowledge and mystery in the ancient world, exactly in Mesopotamia.

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