The Anchanchu Myth

The Anchanchu Myth

In the forgotten lands of the Bolivian altiplano, I discovered the existence of the Anchanchu, legendary beings that inhabit the silence of caves and grottos. One night I met an old man with a kindly countenance. His presence, although peaceful, concealed an enigma that chilled my blood. I soon discovered his true nature, he was an Anchanchu, a master of deception, whose transformation revealed a bloodthirsty creature.

The fight for my life became a dance against the vampire, as the Anchanchu unleashed his dominion over the winds and storms. In the moment of despair, I recalled an ancient incantation echoed in legends, a plea to the heavens to drive away the looming darkness:

Come in, come in Anchanchu,
do me no harm,
for the Mallcu protects me.

I felt the shadow of the Anchanchu fade, and once again I may have saved my life.

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