The Sin of Xochiquétzal

Do you know the Sin of Xochiquétzal?

I am Xochiquétzal, the goddess of beauty in the paradisiacal Tamoanchan, where the Aztec gods reside. At the heart of this paradise stood the great sacred tree, a gift from the Ometéotl, whose flowers and fruits were untouchable. But temptation overcame me one day, and I ventured to pick a fruit adorned with two blossoms from the tree. As I did so, the sacred tree shattered, shattering into pieces to my horror.

The fury of the Ometéotl resounded in the silence that followed, and with sadness in their gaze, they banished me from Tamoanchan. Despair flooded me and I wept until my eyes were blinded by my own tears. I was no longer the goddess vibrant with joy, but transformed into Ixnextli, «Eyes of Ash», a being darkened by the gloom of the sin committed. In the solitude of my exile, the memory of Tamoanchan and the great sacred tree became a painful echo of an unrecoverable past.

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