Nyx: Goddess of the Night

Personification of the Night

From the abyss of Chaos, I emerged, I am Nyx, the personification of night. My realm is the dark veil that falls over the world, a cloak of mysteries and secrets. The gods of Olympus, even the mighty Zeus, treat me with a respect due to their fear. My presence is a promise of rest and the harbinger of the unknown. But, among them all, there is one who holds an enigma that even the gods dare not unravel.

In the depths of the night, there is a door that connects the known with the unexplored, the finite with the infinite. I alone know its existence and the power it holds. And in the darkest hour, just before dawn, when the world is in limbo between sleep and wakefulness, the door ajar, and for an instant, the eternal mystery peeks through, revealing that time and space are intertwined in an enigma beyond the comprehension of gods and men.

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