The Most Fearsome Warriors in History

The Most Feared Warriors

The Spartans were the most respected and feared warriors of ancient Greece. Spartan hoplites lined up shoulder to shoulder, their shields forming a wall and their spears pointed toward the enemy. At the height of puberty, they were put into the Agoge, the program where they were trained in endurance, combat skills, hunting, and survival.

The Templars were a group of warriors during the Crusades, famous for their bravery in battle. Their main job was to attack and break through enemy defenses. They were known for their dedication and were willing to fight to the end, which they showed by wearing a cross on their armor. When someone joined them, they had to leave behind their previous life, including their possessions, love and family relationships.

Samurai were famous warriors in ancient Japan, known for their great skill with the sword. Before fighting, they meditated so as not to be afraid in battle. For them, maintaining their honor was very important, and if they made a serious mistake, they sometimes chose to commit seppuku, a type of ceremonial suicide, to preserve their honor.

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