The Veil of Isis

All the Secrets in the Veil of Isis

My name is Isis, and from the shadows of eternity I watch the mortals who try to decipher the secrets that lie behind my veil. My presence is felt in every corner of Ancient Egypt, and my power extends beyond what any mortal can comprehend. On my temple in Sais, an inscription proclaims:

«I am all that has been, all that is, and all that will be, and my veil will never be lifted by any mortal.»

The mysteries I enclose are intertwined with the destiny of the Nile River, source of life for my land, and with the enigmas of the pyramids that rise imposing under the Egyptian sun. Although many seek, few are those who actually see what is hidden behind my veil, and only a few have been worthy to witness the rituals and ceremonies that I jealously guard.

Short Myths



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