Taweret: The Hippopotamus Goddess

The Hippopotamus Goddess Taweret

I am Tueris, also known by names such as Tauret, Taweret, and many recognize me from the Marvel series, «The Knight Moon». I am the daughter of the mighty sun god Ra and, according to some legends, the mother of the divinities Isis and Osiris. Although some link me to Seth, the god who betrayed and murdered his brother Osiris, my true essence is benevolent.

My main mission is to protect pregnant women from evil spirits and demons that may haunt them. I remember a time when a large snake was chasing me with intentions of devouring me. But, in my moment of greatest need, the brave soldiers of Horus appeared and tore it apart to save me. In honor of that heroic act, the Egyptians celebrate a festival in which they cut a rope, symbolizing the protection and courage of those soldiers who defended me.

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