Legend of Mothermount

Who is Mothermount?

In Colombian stories, the figure of the «Mothermount», also evoked as the «Motherjungle», stands out. This entity is the indomitable protector of nature, inflicting punishment on the unfortunate who defy the welfare of «Mother Earth». Surrounded by mystery, it is said that her form is that of a woman wrapped in a mantle of moss and vines, adorned with branches that confuse her with the jungle environment. She possesses dominion over the natural elements, exerting her influence over the climate and the flora that flourishes at her will.

She is known to bring pestilence through the waters, and her ablutions are so intense that they can trigger devastating floods. The Mothermount stands as a stern arbiter of her domain, persecuting those who desecrate her lands: hunters, fishermen, loggers, and additionally, she punishes marital infidelity. The echoes of his shrieks in the nighttime gloom are harbingers of fierce storms. If by some twist of fate you find yourself in his presence, your only salvation may be to recite a prayer to San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of the mountains, to appease his wrath and avoid his severe judgment.

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