The Strangest Ritual of Every Empire

The Strangest Customs

In ancient Rome, women used to buy pots containing gladiator sweat, which they used as a facial cream to improve their complexion.

The Egyptians used crocodile dung and sour milk as a contraceptive. The woman placed it inside her vagina. The purpose of this ointment was to create an acid barrier to prevent the passage of sperm.

The Vikings had a disturbing ritual in which the slave girl had to accompany her master in the afterlife when he died; the girl had to perform sexual rites with a man from each house before being sacrificed by the matriarch of the village.

The Persians had a strange tradition, they would get drunk after making a decision; if they still felt the same way after getting drunk, then it was the right decision.

The Ottomans had a cruel way of preventing any war of succession. When a new Sultan came to power, he had the right, according to law, to execute all his male brothers. At the beginning of each reign, a long line of coffins, most of which contained infants, would leave the palace in a great procession.

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