Ereshkigal: Goddess of the Sumerian Underworld

Queen of the Great Below

I am Ereshkigal, the goddess of the Sumerian underworld, and I reign in a dark, gloomy and tenebrous place, where it was believed that the dead drank from mud puddles and fed on dust. I decided to be cruel to my sister Inanna when she invaded my domain, for that reason I took her life. I am feared by all the gods, they know that in the realm of the «Great Below» only my own rules are observed.

Although I am now known in Mesopotamia as the ruler of the underworld, it was not always so. In the past I was a divinity of the sky, but with such bad luck that I was abducted by the Dragon Kur. Despite my dominion over darkness, down there, love can also flourish, for I ended up falling in love with Nergal, the god of war, but that is another story I will tell you later.

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