Apocryphal Gospel of Judas

Apocryphal Gospel

My name is Judas, and I am the disciple who has been condemned for generations as the betrayer of Christ. However, the «Codex Tchacos,» an ancient papyrus discovered in a cave in Egypt, reveals a truth that has remained hidden for centuries, one that defies the traditional narrative attributed to me in Christianity. I had a long conversation with Christ in an encounter and he said to me:

«…you will surpass them all, because you will sacrifice the body in which I live.»

Contrary to what many believe, I did not betray Jesus out of ambition or evil; I was part of a divine plan, a mission that he himself entrusted to me. He entrusted me with the most arduous task, knowing that I would be despised and remembered as the one who sold his master for thirty pieces of silver. My sacrifice was different, but equally profound, to bear the burden of infamy was always for the greater good, never forget that.

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