Angels and Archangels

The Biblical Angels

From the shadows of history, I have witnessed the enigmas that have baffled mankind, and one of the greatest is the true nature of beings like me: angels and archangels. If you delve into the sacred pages, mortals like you discover that we are not mere angels, but 26 Archangels with divine missions, from commanding celestial armies to guarding dark secrets, all with a divine purpose.

To bear the title of «Archangel» is an honor and a responsibility. We are the bearers of the most vital messages for humanity. While figures such as Raphael, Michael and Gabriel are widely recognized for their roles, there are stories that still shroud some in mystery, such as the tragic fall of Lucifer or the enigma surrounding Metatron, whose cloak of secrecy is the thickest of all.

Short Myths



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